Hospitality Action Charity

Announcing our chosen charity for 2020

In a follow up to We started a Corporate Social Responsibility programme we are happy to announce Hospitality Action as our chosen charity for 2020.

Having sourced suggestions from across our company and taken time to evaluate the various schemes, the decision was unanimous. We agreed it strikes the right balance of locating a charity that supports the widest demographics (partly how we chose Mind in 2019), with the necessary and immediate relief required in our largest market; hospitality.

“In other words, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, nightclubs, sandwich shops, street food trucks, even cupcake stands. You could cook in a school, care home, prison, hospital or military site; work in a staff restaurant in an office or factory, serve in a museum café, airport, railway station, even work in a fast food outlet in a theme park.”


Our relationship with the food and drink industry runs deep—sometimes crossing decades. We’ve heard first-hand stories through our professional networks, in person on site visits, and industry channels. Hospitality Action helps workers at all levels access grants, advice, and employee assistance programmes. The charity’s roots run deep too; established in 1837, they helped over 4000 individuals in 2018.

2020 will see the most substantial use of their resources through their 180+ year history. One such action is a COVID-19 Emergency Grant, valued at £250. At the time of writing, only 1080 were available with their funds (against 2,302,000 hospitality sector workers –

Working from home will not stop Zupa employees from fundraising. We simply need to be more agile! Good ideas include donating your commute/morning coffee and shopping through affiliate links (such as Amazon Smile). When we have news, we will share it on twitter and LinkedIn.

For now, learn more about Hospitality Action here or use this link to donate now.

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