Corporate Social Responsibility

We started a Corporate Social Responsibility programme

Businesses not only influence the industries they serve but impact the communities they call home. As Zupa continues to grow, so does our use and effect on everything from civic infrastructure to buying locally.

Truly recognising this meant looking beyond the green initiatives that mirror our home lives. We already prevent food waste, we improved our recycling options (bring your dead batteries to work!), and purposely selected an office location served by excellent public transport links.

Everyone on board

You wish to make as big an impact with what’s available. The ‘E’ in our GREAT values means Ethics. We looked to established, accessible charities that know how to scale their limited resources. A charity that serves our local community. We also decided we will choose a new charity every year through a company-wide vote.

For 2019, Zupa chose the charity Mind. Choosing a charity was no easy task but our main consideration was it’s a cause we all had an affinity to.

Mind is relatable to employee experiences – directly and indirectly. In addition, Mind has a good reputation and provides meaningful exposure to our employees by way of resources and support, available through Solent Mind.

Testing what works in your company

Our collective careers taught us the best fundraisers reflect the nature of employees. We’re everyone from foodies and techies to marathon runners. This presented us with the chance to try everything. Here’s a couple of idea highlights.

Passive fundraising: Healthy Snack boxes
Like us, our chosen charity, Mind, recognises the importance of food + mood. That’s why we installed a healthy tuck shop to gain donations at all times of the day. We asked for a small donation of 20p per item and over the course of 6 months we raised just over £100! We also found that employees were willing to donate more when they didn’t have the correct change.

Active fundraising: Team Football Outing
An opportunity presented itself to us in late 2019, a bit of team building and a chance to donate once again. We had secured complimentary tickets for Eastleigh FC’s home match (the Stoneham ground is right next to the office!). The deal was that we have a bit of fun together watching the footie and everyone who attended made a £5 donation to Mind.

Reaffirm your choices

When we engaged Mind, we chose to buy their Workplace Wellbeing leaflets and materials for employees to refer to in breakout areas. These resources offer really interesting and helpful snippets of information on various mental health topics – such as how to manage stress and how to maintain mindfulness. They also serve as a reminder of why we put the time into our programme.

Staying seasonal

We also chose to donate to Eastleigh Basics Bank again over the Winter period – having done so successfully the previous year.

Eastleigh Basics Bank is a charity that provides food parcels to people who are experiencing financial hardship. This is very local to us and therefore we have the experience of meeting the volunteers when we deliver our donations.

Scaling up can benefit everyone

This was our first full year of Zupa’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. As we gather feedback, and this year’s nominations, we’re already planning to go big on charitable team-building activities!

Where possible, Zupa employees now have the option to work from home one day per week – helping to reduce our collective CO2 emissions. We’re looking for similar swaps that we can build into our programme.

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