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Three things to know about Hospitality Action

It’s less than a year since we announced our Chosen Charity for 2020 – and we’re back with news!

As an organisation, we have no comment to make about the furlough scheme, grants, or tiers. What we can act on are the stories we hear first-hand, from our clients and friends in the industry. Some of these relationships are of twenty years plus, principally through our product Caternet.

Their Main Grants programme is still open

We began March 2020 (before the furlough scheme was announced) with the expectation that any donations would likely lean toward the Charity’s Grants plan. In their words, for applicants with ongoing issues, it covers “everyday essentials such as heating, school uniform and general living costs”.

Thank you so much for the grant you awarded us. It is going to a great deal of difference and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity. Beneficiary who received an award to help pay council tax arrears and general living costs.

September 2020 quote from Grant Beneficiary is supplied by Hospitality Action.

Their EAP service is a safety net

No one expected to be where we are in December 2020. With the pandemic continuing its ruinous path, attention turns to longer term mental health outcomes. Again, the reports shared with us describe a situation of employers closing, sometimes permanently, with EAP (employee assistance programmes) either becoming overwhelmed or simply unavailable.

The Charity offers talking therapy support, with advice covering “financial worries, housing, relationships and even grief”.  

My counsellor was amazing and completely understanding, she gave me life changing tips for living with anxiety.

September 2020 quote from EAP counselling service Beneficiary is supplied by Hospitality Action.

They’ve launched a unique delivery concept!

The Charity has also been busy with their own campaign. After 183 years, they’ve begun selling Invisible Chips.

Hospitality Action Invisible Chips

Hopefully, this one doesn’t need too much explaining! With the thought-provoking “Invisible Chips are a simple way for you to help the people in hospitality whose livelihoods are disappearing” it gives you a hefty clue as to how long your delivery window will be.

There’s good news for people feeling extra fancy; you can select ‘drone delivery’ for just £2.50.

Wherever the Charity’s focus is required across the next year, it has now received an end-of-year donation from Zupa. With our business making the semi-permanent move to work from home, we reorganised towards passive fundraising—giving a percentage of our revenue. What we can say with certainty, is that our organisation will extend its support into 2021, with a view to returning to active giving.

You can buy your Invisible Chips here. To learn more about Hospitality Action here or use this link to donate now.

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