Ethical environmental policies in the workplace

I met up with our ISO consultant today to discuss launching the Zupa ISO14001 environmental accreditation. What a revelation that was! I had always credited myself with being environmentally aware and eco-conscious: always recycling where possible, ensuring a reputable company collects computer waste, turning off the lights when not required and switching off the power at the plug. Heck, I am even a vegetarian! But as I passed our consultant a refreshment in a plastic cup and laid out some complimentary individually wrapped biscuits on the meeting room table, I immediately caught his eye and knew that I had made quite the faux pas!

Striving towards an environmental policy in the workplace means that you need to be thinking about every item that you order, everything that you process and the impact both yourself and your colleagues have on the environment. All this whilst actively thinking about ways to actually improve the environmental benefit of our products and services – something that we are very keen to strive for within the zupaUniverse (more to come on this later).

How do we help to make a greener planet?

So, what are Zupa doing to help towards a greener planet? A few (seemingly obvious) simple initiatives that we encourage, which will make for a more sustainable future;

  • LiftShare – we have introduced a carpooling scheme for those who travel in to the office from the same areas on a regular basis.
  • Environmentally friendly office products – on average, they only cost a few pence more, which is a small price to pay to cut down on pollution and waste. This can seem like a daunting task, so we are starting small – simple changes like 100% recycled paper, refillable ink cartridges – it all makes a difference.
  • Aim for a paperless office – even if you are buying recycled paper, there are still small changes that you can promote internally. Bring your laptop to read/type on-screen and only print documents when necessary.

Biscuits again!

All of this now leaves me in a quandary as to what to do with all those individually wrapped biscuits. I now feel guilty every time I see them – so I guess I will have to eat them quickly to hide the evidence!