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Help with choosing a career in Software Development

Amongst this year’s most shared posts are our downloadable ‘day in the life’ resource (What does a Software Developer do?) and from back in March when we sat down with Zupa’s own Araventhy McRaethanan. That post saw us discuss the technology industry’s opportunities around ‘Balance for Better’ – the message delivered through International Women’s Day.

UCAS data lends a clue as to why so many students are demanding information about pathways to software engineering. 2019 saw applications for Computer Science (and related) degrees rise again, up from around 76,000 in 2010 to 120,000. Just over 19,000 of those are women.

As Zupa has launched its refreshed Software Developer Graduate Programme, we had the idea to combine ideas from both posts into one brand new downloadable PDF!

Software Development careers
Software Development careers

We hope it encourages discussion about career choices and provides support to make informed decisions about a life in coding – as we answer common questions like;

  • What subjects are a pathway to a job in software?
  • What is a retrospective?
  • What languages make a full stack?

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