zupaJobs at Southampton University

What we learned at the University of Southampton

zupaJobs attended the Southampton Careers Fairs this October, as we introduced the Zupa brand and apps to a new audience — and were very pleasantly surprised with the uptake and outcomes of the two-day event.

Our stand’s content and creativity attracted hundreds of people with all levels of experience, seeking many different careers paths from Marketing and IT to our target requirement; Software Developers!

The fairs provided Zupa with a voice to present what we do whilst providing the University’s students and alumni a window into working at a Microsoft Partner in an Agile environment. Many of you told us these answers helped you. You also loved our puzzle game (click here to see the winning time) and freebies to take away and remember us by!

We also learnt a lot in this, our first event and discovered some features that could be enhanced and what worked well and therefore helped us speak to as many people as possible.

It was great to meet everyone and we are confident it has boosted our ability to attract innovative graduates and placement students in the near future!

If you visited us and wish to register your CV, please click here.